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The story behind Pantrist

Every Saturday my girlfriend and I planned our purchases for the next week. It was common practice to go to the pantry or fridge and check if we still had this and that in our supplies.
After shopping we realized that we still had enough supplies and some things we didn't needed to buy at all.
In addition, we have often had the situation that certain foods, which should actually always be in stock, were suddenly empty. For example, it was not considered to add the can of tuna fish that had just been taken out to the shopping list.
This often led to the fact that during the cooking process someone had to go shopping quickly. Pantrist solves all these problems! Once recorded, it is easy to search in the stocks whether certain food is in stock or not. In addition, the stocks that are to be maintained are moved to the shopping list with a swipe and thus removed from the stocks. This way we always know what we have in stock and especially what is not. Thanks to Pantrist, it is now much easier to plan the purchases for the next week.

Features of Pantrist

Simple sharing

Lists can be easily shared with multiple users and devices

Multiple lists

Different lists can be created for various purposes

Simple contact possibility

Direct contact and participation in further development possible

Speech recognition

Entry of the articles simplified by speech recognition

Scanning barcodes

When scanning barcodes, the article is added automatically

Dark Mode

Pantrist recognizes if you like to have the Dark Mode.


Inspire with recipes and get inspired by recipes

Virtual voice assistants

Complete management via Alexa or the Google Asisstant