To use the skill, you must first register with Pantrist. You can do this via the iOS, Android or web app.

  1. Activate the Pantrist skill in your Alexa app
  2. Go to "My Skills" via "More" > "Skills and Games"
  3. Select "Pantrist | My Pantry", go to settings and select "Link account"
  4. Log in with your credentials


You can open the skill in two ways. On the one hand, you can directly name the trigger word:

Alexa, open my pantry.

If you start the skill this way, you can execute several commands in a row without mentioning the trigger word again. For example, you can execute the following commands one after the other.

  • What's on my shopping list?
  • Add chocolate to my shopping list.

Alternatively, you can name the trigger word directly together with the command. This way you could execute the two commands separately as follows:

  • Alexa, ask my pantry what's on my shopping list.
  • Alexa, open my pantry and put chocolate on my shopping list.

This way, the skill ends immediately after the command, and you have to name the trigger word again for the next command. The following commands are described in the open variant. Alexa should understand your natural way of speaking. If a command is not recognized correctly or if you would like to have additional features, you can contact us directly via the contact form or via the following Alexa command:

Contact the Pantrist Team

When using the command, the message is read from the recording. We do not receive your audio message.

List management

  • Which lists are available?
  • Change my default list to home.
  • What list have I selected?

Pantry List

  • Add two kilos of flour to the pantry list.
  • What will expire soon?
  • How much flour have I left?
  • Reduce the quantity of flour by two.
  • Remove flour from my supplies.
  • What do I have in my pantry?

Shopping List

  • Add two liters of milk to my shopping list.
  • Remove milk from my shopping list.
  • What do I need to buy?